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Cinnamon - 96 servings (8 ounce bottle) - $48.97

Chocolate - 96 servings (8 ounce bottle) - $48.97

Capsules - 60 Servings (120 Capsules) - $46.97

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About the Blue Ice Royal Blend and the Flavors

Blue Ice Royal Blend is a mixture of 1/3 butter oil and 2/3 fermented cod liver oil. The synergistic mixture was discovered by the famous dentist turned anthropologist Weston Price. While traveling the world studying indigenous groups that had an excellent degree of health, he discovered important factors that were consistent in their daily diet - fat-soluble vitamins. Our modern industrialized diet is lacking in fat-soluble vitamins, and as a result people do not obtain optimal health.

  • Green Pasture Radiation Testing - Green Pasture's cod liver oil is tested for radiation using a Geiger counter, which measures ionizing radiation. It detects the emission of nuclear radiation — alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. And thus far none has been found. The cod liver oil has also been tested with energetic testing, here is one report.

Here is an excerpt of what Dr. Price said about the mixture of cod liver oil and butter oil:

When this butter oil is mixed in equal parts with a very high-vitamin cod liver oil, it produces a product that is more efficient than either alone... It is desirable that this material be made available in various parts of the country.. Even the high-vitamin butter produced on the early summer growth of grass put in storage and used during the winter will go far toward solving our great national problem of shortage of fat-soluble vitamins..

It is the inspiration of Weston Price DDS that has led Green Pasture's to recreate Dr. Price's butter oil and cod liver oil mixture. This is what the Blue Ice Royal Blend is.

About the store - Greetings, my name is Lakshmi and I am owner of and - a provider of organic and wildcrafted herbal dental care.


Chocolate Royal Blend Flavor

It has a chocolaty / fudgy taste that mostly covers up the fishy flavor.

Royal Blend Chocolate Ingredients:Fermented Cod Liver Oil,
High Vitamin Butter Oil, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla flavor, organic stevia leaf, silica.

Royal Blend Capsules

The capsules are for people who need to avoid tasting the product altogether.

Royal Blend Capsules Ingredients:Fermented Cod Liver Oil,
High Vitamin Butter Oil, unbleached beeswax (as thickener), plant cellulose for the capsules.

Plain Blue Ice Royal Blend (Unflavored)

Has a creamy texture with a medium/pungent fishy flavor. Each capsule is 750mg. There are 120 capsules per bottle.

Royal Blend Plain Ingredients:Fermented Cod Liver Oil,
High Vitamin Butter Oil, silica.

Customers are mixed, some like the cinnamon flavors as it covers the fish taste, and others like the plain as the plain can taste good/ tolerable to many people.

Cinnamon Royal Blend Flavor

Cinnamon has a creamy texture that covers up the fishy flavor. Instead it has a strong cinnamon taste.

Royal Blend Cinnamon Ingredients:Fermented Cod Liver Oil,
High Vitamin Butter Oil, cassia oil, organic stevia leaf, silica.

Green Pasture's Purity Statement regarding mercury and PCB's.

High Vitamin Butter Oil

Dr. Weston A. Price discovered High Vitamin Butter Oil provided important fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients to the body. He also discovered that these nutrient dense oils were important to the health of our teeth. He also discovered that what he called Activator X. A missing vitamin like hormone that is not normally present in the western diet. Activator X is concentrated in the butter fat and has a synergistic effect when mixed with cod liver oil. That is why we sell a mixture of butter oil and cod liver oil, call the Blue Ice Royal Blend.

X-Factor Gold™ high vitamin butter oil is made from dairy oil extracted without heat from cows that eat rapidly growing grass. The speed of the grass growth, timing of the grazing of this grass, species of grass, climate and extraction method are all important factors in creating nutrient dense oils.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

The Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil brings us back in time, when cod liver oil was truly a sacred food. The Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil is lacto-fermented and extracted without heat. The fish are wild caught in the Arctic region.

The combination of these attributes provides our community with a pure, clean and nutrient rich sacred food. Blue Ice™ Royal offers our community a nutrient dense sacred food blend of 1/3 X-Factor Gold™ High Vitamin Butter Oil and 2/3 Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Estimates of Blue Ice Royal Blend Dosage

Dosages very greatly by the size and health of each individual. If you need help, please consult with your doctor or alternative health care provider.

Estimated Adult Dosage: 1/2 Teaspoon 2-3 times per day, or use as directed by your health care provider.

Estimated Child Dosage

To be taken with meal. Start with small doses. Do not force your child to take more than they can tolerate.
Excerpted from the book Cure Tooth Decay.

Child's Weight Daily Estimated Dosage
25 pounds 1/8 teaspoon twice per day
35 pounds 1/8+ teaspoon twice per day
45 pounds 1/4 teaspoon twice per day
55 pounds 1/4+ teaspoon twice per day.
62 pounds for severe vitamin deficiency:
4-5 Royal Blend Capsules Daily or
1/3 teaspoon of the gel 2x daily.

The child dosages are just general estimates. Use your best judgment in administering the oil. If you have further questions, please consult with your healthcare provider.

Blue Ice Royal Blend Serving Size

The serving size of the oil is 1/2 teaspoon. So each bottle of gel contains 96 1/2 teaspoon servings.

1 teaspoon of Royal Blend equals approximately 7 capsules. Each capsule is 750mg.

Blue Ice Royal Blend Fat-Soluble Vitamin Estimated Content

Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil contains naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins A and D. The amounts of these naturally occurring vitamins varies greatly from batch to batch. The figures vary because testing methods for naturally occurring vitamins do not always reflect the exact nutrient density of the oils. These estimates are based on a serving size of 1 teaspoon of Royal Blend.

Estimated Royal Blend Vitamin A content -
Rentinol 475 i.u. -792 i.u.
Palmitate 4,171 i.u. - 11,847 i. u.

Estimated Royal Blend Vitamin D content -
Vitamin D2 2,145 i. u. -6,744 i. u.
Vitamin D3 119 i. u. - 218 i. u.

Royal Blend product storage and shelf life

Unopened bottles can remain in a cool dark place for two years. The manufacturer must place an expiration date of two years on the product. We recommend refrigeration of the Royal Blend after it is opened because it contains high vitamin butter oil.

Royal Blend Allergy Information

This product contains fish and dairy. Use caution or avoid if you are allergic to shellfish or have highly extreme dairy allergies. This warning is because we do not know what wild cod eat in the wild. And if the cod ate some shellfish there may be traces of allergenic material in the liver. (The butter oil does not have casein because the milk proteins are filtered out, like with ghee.)

Return policy for Blue Ice Royal Blend

U.S. Customers - may return sealed bottles and the customer is responsible for return shipping fees. We will allow you to return, or exchange one opened bottle per customer as a one time courtesy for customers who for allergy or medical conditions are unable to use the product. Bottles more than half empty are not returnable.

International Customers - The product is not returnable for international customers.