Blue Ice Royal Blend Questions

Blue Ice Royal Blend Bottle Image

Are there heavy metals in the Blue Ice Royal Blend?

Green Pasture's tests each lot to ensure its purity from man-made PCB's and heavy metals. The products meet or exceed many international standards including

  • Norwegian Medical Standards (NMS)
  • European Pharmacopoeia Standards (EPS)
  • California Prop 65

Is There Radiation In Green Pasture's Cod Liver Oil ?

Customers are concerned about the radiation fall out from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Green Pasture's cod liver oil is regularly tested for radiation. And thus far there is no radiation contamination found. Here is one report.

Is the Blue Ice Royal Blend tested for bacterial contamination?

By FDA regulations the fermented cod liver oil in the blue ice royal blend is tested for bacteria. Even though this test for this product doesn't make sense because bacteria does not proliferate or grow in oil because oil is not a food to feed bacteria.

What is silica and why is it in the Royal Blend?

Silica is sand and it is used as a binder. Without it the butter oil and cod liver oil would separate. Silica is not digested and passes through the digestive tract. If you are concerned about consuming silica, then we encourage you to buy x-factor gold butter oil and the plain fermented cod liver oil separately and mix them together yourself.

My new Royal Blend bottle tastes different than the old one, is this normal?

The taste and flavor of the fish liver varies from batch to batch. This has to do with the time of year because what the cod eat might differ slightly based on the season. The nutrient density and other factors of the fish liver mean's that each batch of fermented cod liver oil which is the main component of the Blue Ice Royal Blend tastes different. So sometimes the batches have stronger fishy odor, and sometimes, a lighter odor. If you get a batch that tastes different, there is nothing wrong with your product. It is simply normal that each batch doesn't taste exactly the same. This is how Green Pasture's ensures for the nutrient density of each batch of fermented cod liver oil.

How do I store the Royal Blend?

Sealed bottles should be stored in a cool dry place out of the sunlight. Our recommendation is to store open bottles of Blue Ice Royal Blend in your refrigerator.

Does the Royal Blend expire?

Each bottle of Blue Ice Royal Blend has an expiration date of two years after the bottle is manufactured. The two years is a legal requirement and doesn't necessarily represent this product accurately.

Is the Blue Ice Royal Blend safe for pregnancy?

For healthy women fermented cod liver oil is not only safe for pregnancy, Dr. Weston Price recommended and encouraged it's use during pregnancy. However we cannot make any promise or guarantee that it is safe for you, so you should consult with your health care provider before hand. The product has a strong flavor, so sensitivity to many tastes and smells during pregnancy may affect you. If you are pregnant and haven't use the product before, and get the okay from your health care provider, we recommend you start with a very small dosage to see how it works for you.

What are the capsules made of?

The capsules are not made with gelatin but instead are made of plan cellulose.

Is there any concern about radiation being in the Royal Blend?

Because fermentation takes a long time, the current batches of fermented cod liver oil in the blue ice royal blend are from before the fukushima tragedy. In the summer of 2012 Green Pasture's will begin testing and monitoring radiation levels for new batches of fermented cod liver oil.

What can I do if my child doesn't like the taste of the Royal Blend?

We have many flavors to choose from so you can try a different flavor? Another option is bribery. So offer the royal blend with something that is a little bit sweet like a piece of fruit. Usually children who do not like the flavor have too many sugars in their diet, even natural ones. Finally if all else fails you can rub the oil on their skin and it will absorb that way. However we do not know how much of the oil is absorbed through the skin.

Where are the cod livers in the Royal Blend from?

Green Pasture's cods livers are wild caught from an Arctic area. Most cod liver oil is produced with farm raised cod. The cod is obtain from Marine Steward Ship fisheries for sustainable seafood. The exact source of the cods livers is a trade secret.

Is the Royal Blend certified Kosher?

The Blue Ice Royal blend does not have a Kosher certification. No shellfish is used in the manufacturing process, but the cod fish in the wild may have consumed some type of shellfish.

Has the Cod Liver Oil been tested for Mercury?

Yes. The mercury level in the cod liver oil is below detectable levels by normal testing. The mercury content is therefore negligible.