Return Policy Cod Liver Oil Shop

Dear Valued Customer:

We believe in the quality, health benefits and safety of Green Pasture's products. Therefore, we guarantee your satisfaction with our 90 day return policy under the following terms.

Any number of sealed bottles may be returned within 90 days of purchase. The customer must pay for the return shipping fee.

If you this is your first time ever using Green Pasture’s fermented products.

We will allow you to return, or exchange one opened bottle per customer as a one time courtesy for customers who for allergy or medical conditions are unable to use the product. You may return one bottle except for the following conditions:

1, Opened bottles of High Vitamin Butter Oil are not returnable.

2. Bottles that are more than half empty are not returnable. If you consume the entire bottle, then we will not credit you money back.

If you fear that you are highly sensitive to the moderate fishy taste of fermented cod liver then we recommend that you purchase the product in capsule form. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost.

If you are a regular user of Green Pasture’s then opened bottles are not returnable.

The manufacturer requests that we do not take returns for taste, color, or odor. The reason for this is that the smell and taste of each product varies from batch to batch.

How to Return Your Green Pasture’s Purchase at Cod Liver Oil Shop

Please contact customer service and your refund will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of your package.

Note: International Orders are not returnable. We can provide a refund for damaged or lost international orders.

Congratulations on your choice of shopping at the Cod Liver Oil Shop.

Lakshmi Golden

For more information about warranties and liabilities please review our terms of use policy.